Working To Build A Homesteading Community With Guest Melinda Lee

On today’s podcast episode I’m joined by Melinda Lee, a homesteader in Ohio with a passion for working with and building community around gardening and homesteading. Melinda has a website called “The Homesteading and Preparedness Collective” where she shares about her urban homestead along with other useful information to help others down their own homesteading paths.

Melinda and I discuss:

Where her passion began and her journey into homesteading.

The garden she has planted on her urban homestead, raised beds and rain garden.

The perennials she has planted.The challenges of homesteading in a busy area as she is located next to a school.

Food preservation and preparation.

We talk a lot about Melinda’s community involvement with festivals and groups in her area.

Her future projects for her homestead and in the community.

We also talk about why she thinks spreading the love of homesteading and gardening is so important.

and Much More.


Melinda’s Website:

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