Weekly Roundup 11/17/19

Updated: Jul 4

An A La Carte of links to things I came across in the last week that I found interesting.

This Week We Had The Launch Of Disney+

Everyone's talking about it both good and bad. We purchased the new app as well and it has turned out to be just what I thought it would be with a little bonus. What I didn't know was that it would have National Geographic series and movies on it which was definitely a bonus for me. The "Netflix like" streaming service only costs $6.99 a month and came with a 7 day free trial and my family and I have already enjoyed a few hours of entertainment from it, Learn more at www.disneyplus.com.

Aldi to Go Full Organic, Bans Pesticides and Rivals Whole Foods as Healthiest Grocery Store

It has been said many times that you can speak with your wallet and I think that's what we are seeing here. People are waking up to a lot of the issues with our food and shopping accordingly and the demand for healthier food is changing the market. Glad to see this.

We’re watching the same impeachment hearings, but seeing vastly different TV shows

Anyone that knows me knows I generally avoid talking about politics and that's not really what I'm doing here by pointing out this article. What fascinated me most about the impeachment hearings were the commentaries afterwards from competing news networks talking as if they had watched two different hearings. Evidently I wasn't the only one who noticed this as the article points it out. It's amazing to me how presuppositions and emotions can alter reality no matter where you are in your political standing. For the most part I think we see what we want to see and it takes a lot to change that.

Another New Homesteading Podcast

I think you might enjoy this one if you have been a fan of my podcast as he is doing something similar. The podcast is called The Homestead Journey by Brian Wells and he's doing a great job with 3 episodes out so far. Unfortunatly I don't think it is yet available in Apple Podcasts or many other podcast players but you can listen to it on Stitcher here - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-homestead-journey.

I Believe The Keto Diet Helped Save My Life A Few Years Ago

I stuck to this diet faithfully for over a year when I first did it during my cancer battle a few years ago and have routinely went back to it when I have needed to lose a little weight or I have felt my energy levels suffering. It works and I don't think it is a very easy diet to maintain because of our busy lifestyles but no doubt in my mind it's worth it.

Book Recommendation:

Engage, Connect, Protect: Empowering Diverse Youth as Environmental Leaders Paperback – by Angelou Ezeilo

Hot off the presses we have a fresh perspective on the problems and solutions to some of the environmental issues we're facing.


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