Weekly Roundup 11/10/2019

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

An A La Carte of links to things I came across in the last week that I found interesting.

There Once Was A Farmer

These are beautiful words posted at The Ploughman's Rest and worth a couple minutes of your time to read.


This is a word/an idea/a concept that I recently became familiar with and thought it was worth introducing to others. You can get the definition and origins of it at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikigai and I also discovered there are books and Ted Talks about the concept as well. Very Interesting.

Rogue Food Conference

Circle January 25th 2020 on your calendar and grab your seat at the Marriott Cincinnati Airport for what promises to be a great conference. My Friend John Moody and Joel Salatin are putting on this important event which will focus on the problem of government regulations seemingly against small farmers and homesteaders and solutions to these problems. https://roguefoodconference.com/

Use Promo Code TMH20 To get $20 off the regular ticket price!


I'm so excited to see this movie!!! I admit it, I'm an automotive enthusiast and this movie looks to be one that will scratch that itch. I feel like this story should have been put into movie format a long time ago.

Book Recommendation:

Restoration Agriculture by Mark Shepard

The best thing I can say about this book is to give you a quote from the book itself:

“What is needed are ecosystems that are designed to produce our food, fuel, animal feed, medicine and fibers, and ecosystems that can do so without the use of fossil fuel technology, those that can tolerate extremes of weather and potentially changing climates, and that can thrive without supplemental irrigation from vulnerable and increasingly expensive public utilities.”

― Mark Shepard

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