Weekly Roundup 1/19/20

Updated: Jul 4

An A La Carte of links to things I came across in the last week that I found interesting.

A New YouTube Channel I've Been Completely Mesmerized By

The funny thing is I don't know the language and have no idea what is being said and yet her action speak for themselves. Truly a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle that is fascinating to watch. I will say that the quality of video production is so high that I'm sure much of this is staged.

Self-sufficient Living – Live Life The Way It Was Meant To Be

This was an article sent to me to look at by a blog reader. There are some great tips in the post for living a more self-sufficient life that are worth taking note of. I particularly like the part on budgeting which is a commonly overlooked aspect of the self-sufficient lifestyle. Many folks seem gung-ho about growing vegetables and raising animals but ignore the importance of cutting expenses and living within your means.

99 Funniest Dad Jokes

If you get a kick out of laughing at complete nonsense and are a little bored, then this article is just what you need. I spent half an hour on this page reading these dad jokes to my wife and daughter which resulted in a lot of eye rolls and head shaking, but it made me laugh.

#5 was my favorite

"I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don't know what he laced them with, but I was tripping all day!"

Come on... how could you not laugh at that?

My Quest For A Work Boot I Like

I'm really hard on work boots and over the years I have gone through dozens and dozens of work boots without a lot of success in finding a pair I really like but I am glad to say my quest has ended. It seemed that every boot I purchased had something I didn't like about it. They were uncomfortable, perhaps they didn't have enough grip, maybe they wore out too quickly, always something. A few months ago I purchased a pair of Carhartt CMW8100 Work Boots and I just have to say, I've never owned a better pair of boots. They are holding up very well, very comfortable, seem to grip good on slick surfaces and just all around a great pair of boots. So if you have faced similar challenges perhaps you might consider a pair of these boots, however, these are not steel-toed, so if you need steel-toed boots the CMW8200 has that but I have never owned a pair of those.

Last Chance To Get Tickets For The Rogue Food Conference

I have mentioned this before but as the day approaches, I feel like it needs to be highlighted again. Circle January 25th, 2020 on your calendar and grab your seat at the Marriott Cincinnati Airport for what promises to be a great conference. My Friend John Moody and Joel Salatin are putting on this important event which will focus on the problem of government regulations seemingly against small farmers and homesteaders and solutions to these problems with a great lineup of speakers. https://roguefoodconference.com/

Use Promo Code TMH20 To get $20 off the regular ticket price!

If you cannot attend there is also an option to purchase the recordings from the conference.

How Goes The Yearly Bible Reading?

Earlier this month I shared a link to my favorite way to read through the Bible every year and a few of you told me you were going to use that page. So hows it going? If you get a little behind, it's OK, just keep going anyway. Getting through it in a year isn't the important thing, just getting in God's word is what it's all about. Remember to spend time in prayer as well, it's an equally important spiritual discipline.

I love C.H. Spurgeon's response to which discipline is more important.

Winning The Contest For The Most Irrelevant and Ridiculous Article On The Internet

"Mile-long asteroid could be dangerous to life on Earth in millions of years if it breaks up." Oh No! I'm usually not so sarcastic when sharing articles but this post goes on to say it "could" be dangerous "if" it breaks up in "10 million years or so" LOL!!! Really? Well, we better hurry up and find a new planet. I wonder how many dollars were spent on this study. Sorry folks, I had to vent over this one... so ridiculous. As if there aren't real problems we need to be dealing with right away instead of this garbage.

Book Recommendation:

The Family Garden Plan: Grow a Year's Worth of Sustainable and Healthy Food by Melissa K. Norris

My Friend Melissa K. Norris just released her third book a few days ago and it is Fantastic! The title says it all. If you have ever wondered how much you need to be growing to feed your family for a year then you need this book.

Don't forget, you can now get a copy of my book, "From Home To Small Town Homestead: Pursuing Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability No Matter Where You Live" Available at Amazon in Paperback.


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