Should I Plant In The Ground Or A Raised Bed

Today is Day 11 of our 30 days of homesteading Q&A on the podcast where I usually reach out to some of the best bloggers and podcasters in the homesteading space to answer your questions about homesteading.

However today I didn’t reach out to anyone for the answer, instead I really wanted to answer this question because this is something I put a lot of thought and research into back when I started gardening on my homestead.

Today’s question is “I am starting a vegetable garden and wanted to know if I should plant directly in the ground or should I build raised beds?”

This is a really good question and I want to tell you that the answer is “it depends”

In this podcast I give a rundown of the reasons you might choose to go with raised beds over planting in the ground and you can determine which one is right for you.

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