Reflecting Back and Looking Forward On This 100th Episode

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 100 – July 23, 2018 – Reflecting Back and Looking Forward On This 100th Episode.

On this episode I am celebrating 100 episodes by taking a few minutes and looking at why I started this podcast, what I’ve learned along the way, what I believe this podcast has accomplished so far and where I think it’s heading in the future.

Why did I start The Modern Homesteading Podcast?

To inspire and encourage others to start homesteading right now right where they are in order to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.To bring some level of education about various homesteading skills and topics.To be inspired and encouraged myself.To build a community of homesteaders.

What has doing 100 episodes of The Modern Homesteading Podcast taught me?

That there are a lot of people interested in this lifestyle.That many believe you need a lot of property to homestead.That homesteaders are some of the nicest and most helpful people on the planet.That podcasting is a lot of work.

What has doing this podcast accomplished?

It has brought together an amazing community of people.For me personally I have met some great people of which I now would call friends.It has inspired and encouraged many to start homesteading.It has encouraged many to make an edition to their homestead.It has kept me expanding and growing as a homesteader.

What’s next for The Modern Homesteading Podcast?

I feel like I am just winding up and getting started.A better balance of show formats with a regular mixture of interviews, Q & A and stands alone topics.A more consistent show.A greater expansion of communities outside of Facebook at places like Instagram, YouTube and our Homestead Forum Membership Community.

Thank You to All of you who listen to and /or support The Modern Homesteading Podcast!

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