Q & A Episode: Mistakes, Regrets, Farm Sitters, Soil Tests and More

On this Podcast episode I answer a few questions from listeners. I talk about what to get started with on a new homestead, mistakes I’ve made and what I’d do different, getting away from the homestead and farm sitters, what to look for on a new homestead, guest rules on my homestead, what I’ve decided to stop doing and making use of a leach field area.

Questions for today’s episode from the Homestead Front Porch Facebook Group.

Shannon asks – What would be the top 3-5 things that should be accomplished/bought the first year of starting a homestead. Tractors? Chickens? Beef/meat animals? Garden? Compost pile?

Elizabeth asks – What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made on your homestead? Would you try it again? What would you do differently?

Cindy asks – Managing a homestead takes lots of hard work every single day even on weekends, holidays, etc. How do you get a break from what sometimes feels like never ending obligation? How do you take a vacation?

Tamlynn asks – Spinning off of Cindy’s question, what do you look for in a farm sitter? How to find one, tips to make things easier for them and make sure your animals will be taken care of when you’re gone.

Meg Hollar from the Hollar Homestead Youtube Channel asks – If you were to start all over, what would be the major things you looked for in a Homestead/property?

Kim asks – We just moved to a new construction home…how do I go about repairing my soil? Or getting it tested?

Ian asks – Do you have any rules for people that visit your homestead? Do you allow them to pick from your harvest or do you prefer other people don’t work with your crops? Have you had any interesting experiences when people tried to pick from your plants?

Derek asks – What’s something that seemed useful, but you’ve decided to stop doing on your homestead (because it’s more trouble than it’s worth, or the evidence shows it doesn’t work, or some other reason)?

April asks – What are some useful homesteady things we can do over our septic leach field? It’s a very large grassy area that’s going to waste – literally! We need ideas for how to put the space to work. A chicken tractor for meat birds is the only idea we have so far.


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