October 2019 Garden Update

Swiss Chard

It's the end of October and I've been busy in the garden but not the way I am at most times. Most of the gardens have been cleaned out at this point are awaiting some compost and organic matter to be added to them before the snow flies.

We just had a big windstorm that knocked down two of my trellises so I will have to make some changes there next year. I also am currently tearing down two old raised beds that have served me well and will be rebuilding in a different location.

Earlier this year I purchased the property next door which has a barn on it and the rest of the property is just lawn. I have really struggled getting a vision for how to design the property and blend it in with my original property but I am finally getting some great ideas. Unfortunately it will result in me undoing many of the things I've done in order to maximize the production of my space.

I just moved two Elderberry plants to that property and am beginning to mark out where I will be building a fence and planting trees where I will begin to make this a productive space by building guilds. Most of this will take place in the spring but I will be acquiring the materials throughout the winter.

Lettuce and Kale

All that's really left for food in the garden are swiss chard, kale and lettuce so now we will be depending on what we preserved through canning, dehydrating and freezing.


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