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A few years ago I had a Patreon page for the podcast that made a way for me to be able to provide a few perks for the folks who loved the podcast enough to support it. From there I went on to start a full-service membership site that quite honestly turned out to be more than I had time to handle.

After firing the Modern Homesteading Podcast back up a few months ago I realized that Patreon was a good option for getting the support I need to make it great again and do the extra things for those willing to help me get it there.

So I'm back on Patreon and it's better than ever!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that enables fans (or patrons) to pay and support their favorite content creators for their work. It is also a platform that allows content creators to give something extra to those that support them.

What Do You Get For Supporting Me On Patreon?

For as little as $5 a month you get:

  • Patron-Only Posts and Messages

  • Access To Entire Podcast Archive, Both Public and Patron Only Episodes In Your Very Own Private Podcast Feed To Be Played In The Player Of Your Choice

  • Free PDF Copy of My Book "From Home To Small Town Homestead"

  • Exclusive Weekly Podcast Episodes

  • Special Discounts For Products You Can Use As A Homesteader

My Loss Is Your Gain!

This is the perfect time for me to create a ton of content. It turns out that my job has shut down for several weeks (maybe months) due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak so this presents an opportunity for me to pour myself into the podcast and make the most of it but I can't do it alone. The lack of a day job has the side effect of creating a lack of an abundance of money so I appreciate your support and I will do my best to make it a win-win situation for you and me.

If you enjoy The Modern Homesteading Podcast and want it to return to its former glory and want to help me do it, then go to and sign up as a Patron to support this effort and reap the benefits.

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