Growing A Winter Garden

Indiana winters aren't exactly known for good garden growing conditions so it definitely takes a little extra work and creativity to put fresh home grown food on your plate and provide for small livestock.

Basically it means growing a few things in a heated greenhouse and growing in the house.

So what's growing?

Variety of herbs on the left, salad mix on the right, cabbage and bok choy in the back.

Comfrey for small livestock.

Lettuce. Romaine and Black Seeded Simpson.


Putting the trays on heat mats makes a big difference for faster growing.

Romaine Lettuce.


Bok Choy.


A Winter Salad Harvest!

Cherry Tomatoes In Pots. Won't produce much but fun to grow in the winter as an experiment.

Cabbage, Bok Choy, Goji Berry Starts in Pots

Simple Fodder System


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