Building A Garden Vegetable Wash Station

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

For quite some time I had contemplated building something I could use to clean off my vegetables before I brought them in the house and I finally got around to it.

There are several reasons for having a garden wash station as I will discuss below but first I will tell you that we enjoy it more than we thought we would. The garden wash station is a welcomed addition to the homestead and if you don’t have one you should consider building one soon.

Why build a garden wash station?

Keep the garden soil in the garden. We work hard to build a good, vibrant, living soil so why would we want to wash it down the drain in the kitchen. By having the drain at your station empty in a bucket or directly into the garden you can keep that valuable soil where it belongs.

Make the most of your water. I used to cringe as I washed off my veggies in the kitchen sink and considered all the water I was wasting. By having a garden wash station you can make the most of your water by getting a second use of it.

Keep the mess out of the kitchen. Keep a little stress out of your life by keeping the mess outside where it is easier to clean up. After a while of trimming and scrubbing and washing I can just grab a hose and spray down the whole station and the job is done.

Spend even more time outdoors near the garden. I don’t know about you but anytime I can spend a little more time outside and near my garden it is time well spent. Enough said!

Where to build a garden wash station?

Duh! Near the garden. More specifically you want to put is somewhere you can easily get to but not in the way and a place where you can get the drain back to the garden. Shade is nice if you have it too (I don’t).

Important features of the garden wash station.

Sufficient Counter Space- Build the counter space according to your needs. I have an urban homestead with a good sized garden but was able to get by with less counter space than someone with larger harvests. Access your needs and build accordingly but keep in mind if you need more space you can use folding tables to expand the counter space if your needs increase.

Large Enough Basin- This is an important feature that I may have underestimated. I used a basin out of an old camper that I disassembled to make a utility trailer out of, this basin was probably a little smaller that what I should have used but we will make do and we love the idea of repurposing and making do with what we have.

Drainage That Can Be Utilized In The Garden- Setting up a way to capture the drainage for later to use back in the garden or running the drain directly to the garden is the main reason for having the garden wash station so take some time and set this part up right.

My garden wash station.

The Faucet- I know function is the main point but I can’t help myself. I just had to add a little country charm to my wash station by plumbing out an old campfire coffee pot I had sitting around. It functions well and gives it that little extra that helps the garden look just that much nicer.

The Valve- There are a few different ways to do this but I just kept it simple by placing the valve on the side with a hose hook up. I put it in a place that’s easy to reach yet out of the way.

The Counter- I used a simple construction of 2×4’s and 1×10’s screwed together. It is a very solid counter but not overly heavy so I can move it around fairly easily.

As you can see this is not a complicated build but I think it’s a real asset to the homestead. I love the practicality and the looks of my garden wash station and I think you would benefit from one as well if you love to garden as much as I do.


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